reede, 6. juuli 2007

selline testi tulemus siis IRW!

The What type of MAN turns you on Test

Your Score: Adventure man
You scored 65% masculine, 47% athletic, 63% exotic, and 43% refined!

You like a man who doesn't need the crazy muscles to prove he is a 100% man. He is mysterious and his pictures make you want to jump into his head to see what is going on in there...or his pants I suppose. You like a little bad-ass in him and you may like someone like.....Jude Law.
ja loomulikult mulle meeldib, kui inimene ei ole 100 % musklid, temaga on huvitav koos olla ja ta on natuke "paha poiss" ka. olen endale vist suht õige mehe saanud selle testi järgi :)

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